Client Testimonials

  • portfolio_spanish_024 Powder Room

    In 2007 our Spanish revival home in The Rancho Santa Fe Covenant was completed.  The home has 4 bathrooms and two powder rooms all of which are tiled with hand painted tile.   The kitchen is also fully tiled, including both walls and floors, as are 30% of the overall floor surfaces throughout the house.

    The task of designing tile for the house and keeping within the historical hacienda style was daunting.  After calling on several tile stores, we concluded that anything but stock tile was out of the question due to the complexity of tile design with respect to both pattern and material.  Designers in tile stores were completely ineffective, indifferent, and poorly trained.  We voiced our dismay to our architect who then referred Sherri Walker, an independent tile designer.

    Sherri took complete charge of the project and our fear of failure quickly disappeared.  She interviewed us, provided alternatives and reviewed the building plans.  On her second visit she provided samples of tile in various color ranges and styles.  After establishing our interests, she went to work on detailed drawings.  She made excellent suggestions and recommendations, which we would have never contemplated.  We gained such confidence in her, that she was given free reign to design type of tile, color and patterns.

    She also coordinated the design with the installer we had chosen.  Sherri was involved in establishing the amount of tile to order.  She also placed the order and showed up upon delivery to count every piece of tile.   She labeled all boxes for ease of installation and showed up to guide the installers.  Tile was by far the most complicated element of construction.

    We had complete confidence in Sherri.  She has a long background in tile design.  She squeezed the best discount possible from the tile producer all of which accrued to us.  She is not a middleman. Her designer discount for tile easily paid for her design services.  In fact, we are sure her designer discount saved us significant overall cash, including her services.  Her billings were modest and professional.

    Sherri was also a delight with which to work.  She was always optimistic and full of brightness.  I was the general contractor on my own job.  I cannot imagine doing such a tile project without her.  The end result is a magnificent compliment to her ability.   We could not be more pleased with the design, cost, timeliness, and end result.  I highly recommend her services.
    Richard Carlson
  •   A family friend and architect introduced me to Sherri Walker.   He told me that she was a tile specialist and would be able to help me coordinate our laundry room remodel.  That was an understatement, as she not only helped to make my laundry room beautiful, and functional, but also my favorite room in my home.

    At the completion of that project, my husband and I had realized that some pool tiles were coming up on our aging pool bar and the barbeque area was not really functional. I spoke to Sherri and we started brainstorming. She came up with a concept for our backyard that we loved.  What I feel is important to mention from the start, is that Sherri was always asking me questions about what I wanted to see when I looked into the backyard, how would the area work best for our family, and what I wanted to do in the space.  These were all logical questions but overlooked by landscape designers or architects that I had spoken to on previous occasions. Sherri never forgot what I wanted.  This is what I loved about working with Sherri.  She wanted to give me what I wanted.

    The process in our backyard is too detailed to write about, but Sherri deserves all the credit for the Shangri-la  environment that Sherri created and that our family enjoys each day as we look out our bay window.

    We have a traditional eastern style home with a tropical pool that was remodeled into our backyard before we purchased our home.  It was always difficult to see a way to make it look as if it were part of our home.  Aside from designing the area and managing the project , Sherri suggested each and every stone, concrete color, brick, and tile to compliment and integrate the design into an old-world classic look that is breathtaking.  She even picked out all the furniture and fabric.  We would never have had this result had we not had her years of experience and her keen eye for design and color.
    Tanya Klee